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Selkie Green care - our idyllic petting zoo

You can find our idyllic petting zoo in the village of Selkie, which is a nationally valued landscape area. The old 1800s countryside milieu in a unique fell landscape and our funny four-legged colleagues provide the opportunity to experience unique moments of joy, care and sense of belonging. 

Guided school and daycare centre excursions, family visits and organisations’ excursion days for all ages provide visitors with a good mood and experiences of success. Each visit is always an adventure of its own, and a surprise factor is offered by 
the mischief arranged by our furry friends. 


Family visit at the farm

Home Family visit at the farm
10€/person (min. 3 persons)
Book Family visit at the farm

Birthday party 2h

The guest list includes four-legged friends!
Basic price 50€ (incl. 3 children)
Book Birthday party 2h

Occupational well-being day 2h

Basic price 210€ (max. 6 persons) + 28€/additional persons
Price 210€
Book Occupational well-being day 2h

Good mood services with the help of furry friends

Programme services for all-aged visitors

During visitation days, you can come in all types of groups and familiarise yourselves with the life on Green Care farm.

What our visitors say

We had a lovely visit to the farm with an 11- and 6-year-old. We were able to go on a forest walk with goats, the children went riding on a pony, and we stroked a cat and a dog. Everyone thought the best part of the visit was holding and stroking the lovely guinea pigs. Warmly recommended! 

Mother Niina 

Niina äiti

Good mood activities

News from our petting zoo


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