Booking terms and cancellations

Booking terms and cancellations

Booking and cancellation terms

These terms apply to programme services produced by Selkien Green Care Oy as well as any associated auxiliary services.

Selkien Green Care Oy observes the following terms concerning the booking and cancellation of programme and auxiliary services produced by the company. Both parties shall commit to these terms once a booking has been made.


A booking can be made verbally, in writing or online via Selkien Green Care’s programme service store ( . The booking shall be valid for the number of people indicated by the reserving party in connection with making the booking, and it shall enter into force in a binding manner when the customer has received a confirmation (email) of their booking.


A cancellation must always be made verbally or in writing (email). Selkien Green Care shall acknowledge the receipt of a written cancellation by replying to the customer’s email. The cancellation is considered to have taken place, the moment notification of the cancellation has reached Selkien Green Care. The pre-payment shall be retained for the cancellation of a booking. If the cancellation of the booking is made later than 2 days/48 hours before the start of the reserved service, the entire service price shall be charged.

The cancellation of a group booking must be done no later than 7 days before the start of the booked event. If the cancellation is done later than this, Selkien Green Care has the right to charge 50% of the booking’s full price.

Booking terms and cancellations