Our Story

Selkie Green Care’s story

Selkie Green Care's story started in the mid-1800s when the family farm’s current main building and the farm’s barns were built in the stunning fell landscapes of North Karelia. The farm’s agricultural business ended in the early 1970s. The farm’s buildings and yard area, which were in poor condition, were transferred to me in 2005. Since then, a large 15-year renovation has been carried out, mainly with the help of family. 

From the very beginning, we dreamed of being able to live and reside here one day. Over the years, the feeling became stronger and in 2019, my husband Kari and I moved here with our daughter Ilona. Ilona previously worked as an animal keeper and as a Green Care instructor, and I worked as, e.g., a physiotherapist as well as in the guidance and development tasks of children, families and seniors. Over the past three years, I had the opportunity to take part in launching animal and nature-assisted Green Care operations, which became my passion. 

We are extremely honoured to be able to continue the long history of the farm with our own work. 

Annariitta and Ilona 
as well as our four-legged friends