For Kindergadens and Schools

For Kindergardens and Schools

An excursion day to Selkie's Green Care farm is a sustainable choice. Visiting the heritage yard while caring for animals and learning from them together with instructors develop practical skills, the sense of community and emotional skills. In the animal-assisted Green Care programmes, touching the animals and non-verbal interaction using body language promote the child's holistic well-being. 

The programmes support curricula and strengthen the sense of community and participation. For teachers, a Green Care day provides the opportunity to see the children in a different learning environment from the role of an observer and encourager. The objective-oriented programme always includes caring for animals in the enclosures or animal shelter, as well as playing and exercising with the animals. By reflecting on experiences, positive emotions and matters concerning personal well-being are strengthened. 

Excursion for Kindercarten 2h

Price 18.60€/child In addition to a guided programme, the price includes juice servings for the children and coffee/tea for the...
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Excursion for schools 4h

Price 24.80€/pupil In addition to 2 x 1.5h of instructed activities, the price includes juice servings for the pupils and...
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