Selkie Green Care gift card

Remember friends, godchildren or perhaps friend families with an intangible gift of good feelings!  

Selkie Green Care 50€ gift card entitles to up to. 5 people’s programme-filled visit to the animal shelter at a previously agreed time, and it includes the Green Care programme at the animal shelter in accordance with the customer’s wishes (e.g. Guinea pig caring and petting, stroking bunnies and a shepard excursion to the local forest with goats). Duration of the programme, approximately 2 h/max. 5 persons. Any additional persons 10€/person. 

You can also order a Selkie Green Care gift card by calling Annariitta/040 765 8538 (you can also ask about other gift cards). 

Gift card 50 eur

50 eur Incl. 2h of guided activities and a small snack (max. 5 persons + additional persons 10€/person)
Book Gift card 50 eur